Qualifications & Experience


  • Bachelor of Commerce (with Marketing) undergraduate degree – University College Dublin, 2008
  • Took and completed 2 (of 3) Parts to the Irish Tax Institute’s Chartered Tax Adviser certification – 2014
  • IITD Certified Trainer (QQI Level 6) – 2019
  • Msc in Business Analysis & Consulting – IESEG, Paris, 2019-2020


I worked in small and medium businesses, mostly with various members of my family, continuously throughout and after college from 2005-2011.

After that I moved to Adelaide, South Australia and took an accounts job (primarily, amongst others) until mid-2012.

I returned to Ireland and studied tax, also working various admin and accounts contracts in businesses of varying sizes, including AIB.

I started my own games company, RetroNeo Games, in 2015 and worked on different projects until 2018. The most interesting development was a side-activity I undertook, training other game developers (and later other creative startups) how to start businesses and deal with tax, accounting, copyright, etc.

Helping others in this way was the most rewarding thing that I’d done so far, and brought together all of my past work experience and training at once. This is what led to me pivot and begin Business Coaching full-time in 2018.

My Testimonials