Start With Why

As I see it, the world could use a few positive innovations, especially when it comes to preventing climate catastrophes and social injustice. I believe that people are fundamentally good and want to do the right thing, but governments are often being pulled in too many directions to be effective, and individuals often feel too small to create the changes needed on their own.

To me, it’s private businesses, especially entrepreneurs that see the world differently, that can drive the changes in technology, culture, and even policy, that we need to avoid the worst consequences of our hyper-industrialised past, and seize the greatest of opportunities offered by emerging technologies and the visions of the big dreamers! Just check out Peter Diamandis’ Abundance Insider newsletter for a few weeks, or the book Conscious Capitalism, and I think you’ll agree.

I believe that, just as planting a tree can protect against erosion, flooding, and provide carbon absorption, growing a small business can create jobs, guide how to best use resources locally, and protect communities from the impacts of decisions made far away.

Small businesses can more easily pivot on strategy or tactics, and Directors who aren’t beholden to the whimsies of a fluctuating share price are more free to make better ethical decisions with long-term results in mind.

I want to use my experience and expertise to help entrepreneurs (and intrapreneurs in larger organisations) to succeed in creating a brighter future for us all!

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Let’s leave the world better than we found it!